Iwaki Yumoto Hot Springs Ujo no Yado Shintsuta is a poet who wrote a lot of nursery rhymes, including “Shabondama (soap bubbles)”, and is a guesthouse related to the rain of Noguchi.
An atmosphere-rich garden outdoor bath where you can feel the change of the four seasons surrounded by the bamboo grove in Okuwa.
A party cuisine serving mainly on seafood of Onahama Port, and seafood in a rich season.


  • Iwaki Yumoto Hot Springs to Enhance Immune Function ♨ Triple Onsen ~ Improving Immunity Balance with One Bath ~

    【Triple hot spring to enhance immunity】
    ① Spring quality with high heat effect ⇒ Improving immunity by raising body temperature to sweat once a day.
    (2) Hot spring quality with thermal insulation effect ⇒ Autonomic nerves control white blood cells, which play a central role in immunity.The heat-retaining effect helps the function of the autonomic nerves.
    ③ Spring quality with peripheral vasodilator ⇒ Improving the blood and increasing the core body temperature to improve immunity.
    【Hot springs that regulate the balance of immunity】
    When work is exhausted and stress accumulates, the imbalance of the immune system is lost and the patient becomes immunodeficient.Immune balance refers to the balance of lymphocytes, granulocytes, and macrophages that make up white blood cells. It has been proved that even one bath in a hot spring regulates the immunity balance.
  • Satisfaction

    Saru November One day for the world aquarium conference attendance
    Your Highness Prince Akishino became a member of Iwaki City,
    We stayed at this facility.

    Ujo Noguchi the gallery of Ujo Noguchi, various things
    It was interestingly asked questions etc.
  • How to use STAYNAVI for direct reservation and HP reservation

    1. Customers are requested to make a reservation at this facility by HP or telephone.
    ※Click the image or title to jump to "STAY NAVI"
    2. After that, enter the reservation information on "STAY NAVI" and get the coupon with the reservation information and the discount amount by yourself.
    3. "STAY NAVI" will send a coupon notification email to the customer and the facility.
    4. When you arrive at the hotel, please show your coupon and get a discount at the time of payment.

    ※Please show the number of people who will use the ID card.(Driver's license,Health insurance card)
    ※【STAYNAVI】We do not apply for proxy

Hotel Facilities

  • lobby

    It is a space of two-story colonnade where a pure sound of water sounds.
    You can have a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Japanese Restaurant "Rape Blossoms"

    Counter seats for one person, as well as those with bad feet
    There is a box seat of a safe drilling type.

    ※Except when booking in advance, additional
     There is no provision of dishes etc.
  • shop

    Iwaki's souvenirs are here
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Ujo no Yado, Shintsuta


58 Fukiya, Joban Yumoto Town, Iwaki City

Telephone number



About 10 minutes from Iwaki Yumoto IC in case of car, train 7 minutes on foot from Joban Line Yumoto Station

Transfer available
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Company Profile

  • Your pleasure is our pleasure!

    Iwaki Yumoto Onsen Ujo-no-yado Shintsuta name Iwaki Yumoto Onsen Ujo-no-yado Shintsuta
    Founding Meiji (time period) 10 October
    Established August 7, Showa (time period)
    Business description Ryokan industry
    Location 58 Fukiya, Joban Yumoto Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Joban Yumotocho 58 Fukiya, Joban Yumoto Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture 972-8321, 58 Fukiya, Joban Yumoto Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
    E-mail, shintuta@alpha.ocn.ne.jp
    URL http://www.shintsuta.com
    Facilities in facilities 55 rooms accommodating 300 people
    Free parking lot 90 units·
    Japanese restaurant lounge souvenir treatment karaoke club etc.
    Bath Facilities Public Bathhouse(Open Air Bath·sauna·Jet bath)
    Garden Outdoor bath Takebayashi

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