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  • Play spot

    • Spa Resort Hawaiians

      ·About 10 minutes by car from Shintsuta

      ·Location 50 Warabidaira, Joban Fujiwara Town, Iwaki City
  • Historical sights

    • National treasure·White water Amida Do

      ·Norimichi Iwaki Public wife, Tokuhime is the representative Amida Do architecture of the late Heian period, which is said to have been built for the husband's supporters.The Jodo-type garden spreads so as to surround the beautiful curved roofed garden, and there is magnificence as if time ceased only on that occasion.

      ·Approximately 30 minutes by car from Shintsuta

      ·Location Iwaki City Nishigo Shirimizu-cho Hirohata
    • Iwaki City Living Tradition Village

      ·While donating to the preservation of traditional private houses and cultural assets, it is reproduced including the traditional houses and living tools, especially the village scene at the time, mainly from the late Edo (time period) to the early Meiji (time period) period, while citizens It is a facility that you can feel free to experience.

      ·Approximately 25 minutes by car from Shintsuta
    • Nakoso no Seki

      ·Together with Shirakawa no Seki and Nezugaseki, Nakoso no Seki who is counted as one of the Oshu Best Three Koseki.This Nakoso no Seki was built to prevent the south of Ezo.Iwaki City Nakaimo's Seki Literature History hall, valuable materials on Seki no Genji and Genji Seki Literature History hall are described and displayed.

      ·Approximately 45 minutes by car from Shintsuta
  • I want to buy souvenirs

    • Iwaki daruma, Iwaki Picture Koinobori, Traditional Kokeshi

      ·Iwaki daruma, whose facial expressions are humorous and kindness, do you know that there are unique features on your face? New Year 's luck goods carrying Fuyu' s baseball fringe based on red, white, blue.

      ·Another traditional kogishi smiling at Iwaki Picture Koinobori, handfully handwritten a powerful picture such as warrior painting with a lucky festival at Dusan, smiling with a pillow eyes and a red cheek.Please celebrate the trip.
    • Iwaki's local sake

      ·Iwaki's local sake is rich in variety, and the sake brewer gives each delicate flavor.
    • Iwaki pickles

      ·Iwaki's miso · soy sauce with a history of 130 years, which is pleased as a taste of natural products without using additives, soy sauce, made from radish and carrots, pickles picked with perilla leaves are pleasing as a taste of Kosato.
  • I want to touch an ancient romance

    • Abukuma-do(Tamura)

      ·The fantastic world where the artistic beauty of limestone created by groundwater for over 8000 years spreads in the 600 m long cave.

      ·The moment to wander in the dune which can be said as a labyrinth of nature is the impression of a different dimension world.

      ·About 1 hour 30 minutes by car from Shintsuta

      ·Location Sugaya Higashikamayama 1, Takine Town, Tamura City
    • Iwaki City Sekitan Kasekikan

      ·History and materials of many Joban coal fields, Fossil County are exhibited.Also, there are many simulated galleries that can experience the atmosphere of entering the galleries 600 meters under the elevator, and exhibits that tastefully taste such as dolls that show the state of life of coal mines.

      ·3 minutes by car from Shintsuta
  • Memorial park etc.

    • Shioya Saito Light Tower · Misora Hibari Monument Midare-gami" monogatari

      ·A Shioya lighthouse that nestles white in the blue sky of the sea and the bluish sky blue.

      ·In the vicinity there is a monument and a statue of the sky that memorized that it was sung to the song "Midare hair" of Hibari Misora ​​Hibari in the Showa (time period).

      ·Approximately 45 minutes by car from Shintsuta ◎ Location Iwaki City Flat letters Thin Isoge Yuzaki
    • Misaki Park

      ·Green and Iwaki and tower above sea level 110m with panoramic enjoy the Pacific Ocean, beautiful vast park where the sea has arranged facilities such as Shiomidai overlooking under eyes in the hills of the sea 46m of Onahama port Higashi side.

      ·Approximately 40 minutes by car from the Shintsuta ◎ Location 93 Shimokajishiro Osaku, Onahama, Iwaki City